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“Break Every Chain” (BEC)

is our outreach program to faith-based entities to train, inform, educate, and heighten awareness of drug, alcohol and other addictive behaviors.

Break Every Chain

A Faith Base Initiative for Addictive Behavoir Treatment

Addictive behavoirs respect no bounds. Early intervention is crucial to the recovery success of people struggling with an addiction. It is imperative that faith-based organizations have in place a program that will help community members struggling with addictive behavoirs. According to research by Dick B. (Alcoholics Anonymous historian and author) an astounding seventy-five to ninety percent of the early members of Alcoholic Anonymous recovered from their seemingly hopeless disease of alcoholism. They did it by basing their relationship on the principles of the Bible.

Break Every Chain

Lifestyles Recovery Center’s Break Every Chain (BEC) is an educational outreach program designed to assist the faith-based organization in acquiring knowledge, skill building, and compassion for the struggling addict or those with mental health issues.

In partnering with Lifestyles Recovery Center, Inc. your organization will receive training and hands on experience dealing with concerns such as alcohol and drug addiction, mental health issues, HIV prevention, incest, sexual addiction, abortion, authority rape, and pornography.

Locations, times, and financial compensation are flexible to fit your organization's needs.

Please call Lifestyles Recovery Center at (805) 238-2290, or e-mail us at for more information and if you have any questions.