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When we are dealing with addictions

we feel like we are just spectators at life looking out the window at others who seem so happy... Why can't we get there?

Lifestyles Recovery Center, Inc.

We believe addictive behaviors are symptoms of underlying problems. In order for healing to occur, the total person must be addressed and the pain felt must be eliminated, the low self-esteem must be elevated, and a future must be made visible that provides hope.

You can get there and we can help.

Who we are.

Lifestyles Recovery Center is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation that provides group sessions and individual counseling to individuals who are dealing with the problems of drug and alcohol addiction, HIV prevention and anger management. Lifestyles Recovery Center has conducted substance abuse workshops for over two decades in Paso Robles, California.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a safe place for people seeking recovery from substance abuse and destructive behavior.

Our Core Values

With great compassion, integrity, confidentiality, and love - we reach, teach, and give hope to individuals caught in the grip of addictive behaviors.

Our Goal

Lifestyles Recovery Center's goal is to serve the underserved in our community. This is done at low or no cost to those who need our service. The support of the community is necessary to insure that these services continue. Donations and volunteers make this possible. Lifestyles Recovery Center is a California based 501c(3) nonprofit corporation. The corporation solicits and gratefully accepts any and all donations to further its mission. Any donation is fully deductible as a charitable contribution for state and federal tax purposes. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed at the Center.

Court Mandated Counseling Sessions

The San Luis Obispo County Courthouses and Probation Offices recognize Lifestyles recovery groups as a source to complete mandated hours of treatment. The participants of the group can have their mandated court cards signed and fulfill their requirements for probation set hours of treatment.

Please call Lifestyles Recovery Center at (805) 238-2290, or e-mail us at for more information and if you have any questions.